Ostrich Angels

About Us

1You're busy, tired & stressed.
You need some YOU time.
All to your SELF! 
Without feeling pressured or guilty.
You want to clear your mind, feel inspired & pampered all in one go.
Then you can face all of life’s everyday chaos & feel stress 

All our products are made with YOU in mind!

My name is Jan Booth, Ostrich Angels founder, my passion is making natural holistically tuned soaps, candles & sprays to help you connect & feel universally balanced.

At university I specialised in working with Quartz Crystal frequencies to degree level.  This led me to the path I am on now (that and my “funny skin”), developing a range of stunning products that are NATURAL and will look after your mind, body, emotions & soul.  

Our workshop is tuned to universal energies using Cosmic Octave Tuning forks, sacred sounds & crystal vibrations.  To add to this all our waters are infused with the qualities associated with Rose Quartz plus other amazing crystal healing properties.   I use essential oils and an ancient recipe that has a secret blend of omega packed oils to give you balanced & health skin.  Our candles are made with soy wax, the sprays with essential oils, so that you only breathe in quantity fragrances tuned for your chakra energy system.  

This is how we can make beautiful harmonized products just for you to help you feel CALM, HARMONISED, HAPPY & HEALTHY.  

Our workshop is set in a stunning location just outside of Huddersfield overlooking Scammonden water.   


If you are still here & would like to know a bit more about me x

I am a Liverpool girl that fell in love with Yorkshire, its people, the moors & it’s entrepreneurial flair for life. I have always loved being my “own boss” and learning new skills so surround myself with books.  In fact I am a bit of a book freak and could open a library.  My long-term partner thinks we have shares in a particular company as every week a new book lands on the mat. I am inspired by crystals, vibrations and use them in all my work.  

I love people that make me laugh & I am blessed with 2 daughters & 5 beautiful granddaughters.    

Official Bio

Jan Booth has spent the last 12 years developing a unique approach to making holistic products that not only leave you feeling pampered but calm  & balanced.  The workshop is set in the rolling hills of the Yorkshire Moors were they filter the  waters with Rose Quartz Crystal, play Solfeggio vibration sounds & Tibetan bowl meditational music whilst lovingly handcrafting holistically prepared products. The soaps are made using ancient methods blending many fabulous exotic oils, and then Essential Oils are added to bring your senses alive with beautiful fragrances. 

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