Ostrich Angels - Chakra

7 Chakra Votive Candles (100%) Soy wax

An amazing gift set that gives over 100 hours of burn time plus a FREE votive glass.  Treat yourself or a loved one to a full Chakra workout through scent & colour.

  • Only £19.99


The set  has 7 beautiful handmade votive candles colour matched to each Chakra wheel of energy.  Each candle has specially blended fragrances and essential oils to help you work on your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy.

Crown Chakra & Myrrh Essential Oil to expand consciousness

Third Eye & Frankincense Essential Oil to see with other eyes

Throat Chakra & Peppermint Essential Oil for harmony & self-knowledge

Heart Chakra & Bergamot Essential Oil for compassion & self-acceptance

Solar Chakra & Geranium Essential Oil for purpose & endurance

Sacral Chakra & Ylang Ylang Essential Oil for pleasure & creativity

Root/ Base Chakra & Cedar wood Essential Oil for grounding  

Soy wax offers a healthy alternative to cheaper paraffin candles and will burn for a much longer period of time.  Each votive will burn up to 16-18hrs depending on the holder used.


100% Soy wax & Essential oils

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