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Agate Stand (small)

Beautiful slice of Agate crystal on Hemitite feet. Ideal size for 1 tea-light.

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A hand picked slice of stunning agate makes a perfect base to stand your tea-lights and burn them safely on table tops.  

Place and light your candle ready for the start of a meditation or just too release of the fragrances.  Agate was once used as a stone on the breastplate of the high priest.  it's properties will stabilise your aura ready for cleansing, balance and elimination of dysfunctional energies.  Agate is also said to awaken your inherited talents and connectedness to spirit and Native American Indians believe it can provide the gateway for receiving transmissions and enhances responsiveness.  

Your Agate base sits on Hematite feet "the stone for the mind."

Hematite enhances your mental capabilities and encourages you to reach for the stars. Remember your only limitations are the self-limiting concepts you create in your mind.  Hematite also assists in dissipating & dissolving negativity and transforming it into universal light of love. Use to stimulate desire for peace, self-control and inner happiness.

Attain a soft meditative state to provide smooth grounding, tranquility and emotional clarity.

Perfect qualities to sit and enjoy special aromatherapy tealights. 


Agate & Hematite

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