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Crystal Henge Oil / Wax Burner

Let's start with the properties and vibrations....

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A hand picked beautiful slice of stunning agate, is the starting point for your crystal henge.  Here you can place and light your candles ready for the start of your meditation or release of the earth archangel fragrances. Once used as a stone on the breastplate of the high priest it's properties will stabilise your aura ready for cleansing, balance and elimination of dysfunctional energies.  Agate is also said to awaken your inherited talents and connectedness to spirit and Native American Indians believe it can provide the gateway for receiving transmissions and enhances responsiveness.   Your Agate base and crystal rods sit on Hematite "the stone for the mind." Hematite enhances your mental capabilities and encourages you to reach for the stars. Remember your only limitations are the self-limiting concepts you create in your mind. The magnetic qualities balance the meridians within your body and gives stability between the ethereal & physical nervous system so you can focus energy on emotions to balance your mind, body & soul. Hematite also assists in dissipating & dissolving negativity and transforming it into universal light of love. Use to stimulate desire for peace, self-control and inner happiness. Attain a soft meditative state to provide smooth grounding, tranquility and emotional clarity.   As we move on to our coloured quartz crystal rods they are amplifiers for your body's energies and thoughts. It is said they bring the energies of the stars to your soul. By harmonising and aligning human energies with the energies of the universe it makes these greater energies accessible to humanity. Truly the crystal of power. The tips radiate positive and receiving energies upwards to amplify your thoughts and focus so you can synchronise and connect to higher dimensions. Remove the point from the henge and hold point to the ground and the rod becomes negative to help emit negativity back down into the earth. Because these crystals are such powerful transmitters you should only use the energy of quartz for the good of all, purification and positive thoughts and feelings toward the light, love and harmony of the planet teaching you to live, laugh and love. The crystal rods pointing up channel energies to your upper chakras which is beneficial for meditation, prayer, study and taking tests. The crystal rods removed and pointing down channel energies to your lower chakras and will aid in grounding and tuning with the world.   Always take care when setting up your henge. Each crystal rod is attached by magnetic Hematite so they can be arranged in a direction to allow the glass dish to sit level. Hold the rod by the magnet as they have a strong connection. Always allow the wax to cool before moving or touching your henge. We recommend the use of our soy wax melts in the glass dish because the cleaning and removing of solid wax is simple. Place the dish in a fridge for about 10 mins then gently push it out. Wash in warm soapy water.  Should you spill any soy wax simply wash with warm soapy water.  Our soy wax melts are made with essential oils and fragrances developed to create the correct vibrational energies.   Spare crystal rods are available and come in 7 colours. red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and pink for those who also wish to work with their Chaka energies and colours. Agate bases came in a variety of colours that include pink, blues, greens, browns. If you have any colour preference please let use know when ordering. If not we will hand select the crystal henge that we feel is meant for you. Each henge comes with a free tea-light and melt to guide you on your journey.  


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