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Sacral Chakra Gift Box

Your sacral chakra is associated with relationships, sharing, love, and creativity.

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♥ Emotional warmth ♥ Sociability ♥ Creativity ♥ Individuality ♥ Memory ♥ Appreciation of nature ♥ Harmony ♥ Courage ♥ Happiness ♥ Self-esteem ♥ Rebirth ♥ Reincarnation ♥ Past life recall

Love of Spirit Soap: A loving blend of Ylang Ylang Essential Oil known for its sexual energy with Desert Rose Fragrance Oil.  Ylang Ylang long used as an aphrodisiac dispels anger held in the sacral area uniting love & the soul.  Also said to enlighten and open the unconscious mind. Ylang Ylang Essential oil is said to aid acne, irritated skin, palpitations, depression, frigidity, impotence, insomnia, nervous tension & stress disorders.

Carnelian is stabilizing and restores vitality, motivation and stimulates creativity.  Carnelian promotes positive choices, motivates, encourages and clarifies perceptions.  Sharpen your concentration and over come negative conditioning. Banish emotional negativity and replace with love of life, boost fertility and stimulate sexuality.


Sodium olivate, Sodium cocoate, Sodium palmate, Aqua, Struthio oil, Brassica campestris, Cananaga odorata[Ylang ylang Essential Oil] *Linalool, *Benzyl benzoate, *enzyl salicyiate, Parfum, Hexyl cinnomel, Farnesol, Hydroxycitronellal, Anyl cinnamal Mica, Tin oxide C177891, C177491

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