Ostrich Angels - Chakra

Chakra Meditation Kits

Work with you mind, body, spirit & emotions 

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Each meditation kit has been developed to work with your chakra energy system.  The product are all handmade in our workshop, tuned to the correct vibrations and contain essential oils. 


1 x 100ml Aura Spray

1 x Soap

1 x 12-16hr Soy wax votive candle

1 x Earth Crystal

1 x Silk pouch

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Remember all our Chakra balancing products are made with essential oils.  Essential oils enter the body through inhalation.   Each chakra responds to specific essential oil molecules, which enter your body through the nose, they reach the lungs and find their way into the blood stream and every part of the body. 

As seen in Spirit & Destiny Magazine 

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