Ostrich Angels - Earth ArchAngel

Archangel Candles

!2 Archangles to collect.  Call to find your birth angel

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Each Archangel candle is hand poured in our holistic workshop. Once in the mould each archangel is then tuned to their individual cosmic planet vibration using tuning folks and comes with a information card. Your large size archangel brings you a gift of an agate with druzy bead (may vary from image) so you can collect all 12 and then make a piece of jewellery. The small angel comes with a semi precious stone wine glass charm (colour may vary from image) Large Archangels Each archangel candle has 500ml of soy wax, essential oils and has hand applied guild. The wings can be used in an oil burner once the candle has been used. PLEASE note care must be taken to place the candle in a safe area and on a stand (not included) as it will drip to produce beautiful patterns of wax. Keep any left overs for your oil burners so that no essence is wasted. Always remove the necklace bead before lighting. Small Archangel 55ml soy wax with wine glass charm. This is also hand poured with the same ingredients and essence as the larger candle. Please remove charm before lighting


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