Ostrich Angels - Earth ArchAngel

Earth Archangel Healing Wheel A3 Poster

This beautiful & lovingly designed A3 poster can be used as an aid for your body, soul, mind & spirit. 


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The archangels are here to further our understanding of the universe and ourselves. Developed to enhance our life by learning how to bring our being into harmony with the natural universal forces and enhancing our personal development. 

This A3 poster is highly informative and on high grade paper.  Ideal for study walls.

Using this poster as a guide is just the starting point for your journey as you learn how you too can connect & work with the Earth Archangels through the use of cleansing, candles, sounds, visions and scents.

Ignite your energy system and fire up your passions as you activate your visionary light and welcome the return of the 12 Earth Archangels. 

The wheel also gives you more detail on each archangels connections to the planets, fragarance, colours and vibration.  

Part of a series of posters to help you start learning about these wonderful archangels. 

As the individual Archangels manifest through the scents, words music, & drawings may their love & inspiration drive you forward and help you find all you need in life.

The Soap Guild